Why effective workplace communication is crucial

Communication in the workplace isn’t just about how well you work with others; it’s about building solid relationships. Clear communication within workplace relationships is essential as it reduces the number of errors made and wasted time. Whilst you may believe you are communicating well within your organisation, it may not be the most effective way. Good communication can boost teamwork and confidence leading to better project collaboration. Encouraging effective communication habits throughout the workplace can be one of the most crucial things you do as a leader.

Here are the top three ways to better communicate in the workplace.

Meaningful meetings

Meeting fatigue is real. Particularly when meetings are called for the sake of it and are not time or resource-efficient. Meaningful meetings might sound a bit airy-fairy, but the premise is that they are significant, objective and outcome-based meetings with a clear purpose. It sounds simple, but it’s often not practised enough. Listening to others is arguably the most critical communication skill you can have. If you tend to talk over others, try to be more patient. When employees feel like they’re being listened to, they feel more valued and appreciated, which creates a more collaborative culture.


Don’t presume the other person understands what you’re saying. Similarly, don’t be afraid to speak up if you need clarification on something. Asking questions can help you better understand certain situations, and you should always be encouraging your employees to ask if they are unsure.


Open-mindedness is another good communication skill to have. It allows you to enter a conversation free of judgement. If you are quick to shut things down, employees will be less inclined to tell you their ideas. Your conversations will be less honest and less productive because of this.

As a business leader, being an effective communicator at work is essential. One of the best ways to improve communication within your company is to invest in communication tools. This includes cloud-based communication and collaboration software, such as Slack.