What companies are now offering graduates (Gen Z) to attract them

The world is connected, and human experiences are often mirrored across continents. Owing to the internet and the free flow of information (for most of the developed world), we are now seeing a global shift in workplace culture. Companies are now focusing on the well-being of employees to retain them and attract new talent. This shift was a ripple effect caused by the Great Resignation, forcing employers to re-think their recruitment strategy.

The workforce is now being populated with the next generation of workers – informally known as Gen Z; they are between 18 and 24. They are also the first truly global generation, and by 2025, Gen Z is predicted to occupy 27% of the workforce. Recent research has revealed that Gen Z employees are pretty different from millennials and have different needs to be satisfied with their job and the company they work for. It is therefore essential the ‘needs gap’ be addressed by employers. 

Here’s what Gen Z employees are looking for when searching for their ideal employer.

Provide Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

As a result of the pandemic, people and corporations have realised the importance of mental health and emotional support in the workplace. Gen Z is exceptionally in-tune and vocal about their mental health needs, and 75% of Gen Z employees have left a job because of mental health concerns. This is a very telling statistic. It means that companies should now focus on improving workplace policies and providing ample support for their employees should they need it. 

Forward-thinking companies have been providing mental health support by incorporating Mental Health First Aid training for employees in leadership roles. This allows managers to provide support to their struggling colleagues and refer them to practising mental health professionals. This initial support is vital for those suffering from temporary mental distress and those with a diagnosed mental illness. It could prove to be the key to retaining Gen Z staff.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is the talk of the town since the lockdowns have lifted across the world. Gen Z employees are not afraid to resign if they are not offered flexibility options within their employment. However, the data does indicate that while some Gen Z employees prefer fully remote jobs (30%), others equally wish to be in an office environment for collaboration opportunities (34%). 

It may be the case that most of them are new graduates and still require mentorship before they are comfortable within their roles to work remotely. It would benefit a company to offer flexible working opportunities should an employee prefer it. 

Take a Good Look at Your Company Values

Company values such as establishing environmentally conscious practices and policies, supporting charities and being ethical in their business operations are highly regarded by Gen Z’ers. Your organisation could consider adopting a charity to support regularly or even set up a recycling station within the office. Employees will feel a sense of belonging and connection to the company through these subtle changes.

Another influencing factor could be diversity and inclusion. If there isn’t a mix of people of different cultural backgrounds, ages, abilities or if they experience a colleague being treated differently, Gen Z’ers will not hesitate to move on to a company that treats everyone the same.

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