How we craft the perfect job ad

Attracting the right candidates for advertised positions can be a difficult undertaking. Yes, it may seem easier to cut corners and quick-hire, especially during periods of work overload with low staff. However, we invest time, effort and resources into writing the perfect job advertisement because we know that it can make all the difference. Hiring for convenience, rather than suitability, can hinder a business more than help it, putting a risk to company culture, and the overall bottom-line. Black Wolf Group has a few tips to share in creating the perfect job ad.

It’s all in the headline

Job advertisements with broad, catch-all headlines create a headache for all involved. Sifting through countless, unmatched resumes is inefficient and easily avoidable. We craft an attention-grabbing, industry-specific headline, with a strong overarching message, as this is proven to capture the targeted audience. We also use the sub-heading section to our advantage: this section is creative, whilst utilising our client’s tone of voice and providing a short but sweet overview of the position with more detail.

Job description: Succinct and transparent

The ad should be easily digestible, whilst providing the applicant with the key information necessary to determine if they would be suited to the position. We provide the applicant with facts on what they can expect: this encompasses everything from the starting salary, through to benefits and a day-to-day overview. In doing so, the applicant and our client will be on the same page from day 1. The same can be said for the job description: we keep it short, clear and specific (if possible), avoiding lengthy blocks of text. We pick out the key points within the job position, formatting the body text of the job description in short paragraphs and bullet points, for an easy-to-read and approachable advertisement. We also provide an outline of any key qualifications and prerequisites, as we know that most candidates scan for keywords before reading on.

Add some spice: personify the company’s culture

Each business has a different workplace culture, and for the candidate to be ideal, they should feel as though they can fit in. We have found an easy way to identify this is through shared values and alignment with our client’s vision, so these details are included in the advertisement. Outlining these values sets a tone moving forward with a prospective employee, and these values can be reiterated in our interview stage to further determine if it will be a good cultural fit. We also input a personal flair in relation to our client’s business, for example: “Here at (Company name) we live on caffeine, so the ideal applicant must share our love for coffee!”. This allows the applicant to add in a reference to being a coffee drinker somewhere in their resume, cover letter, or interview, and although simple, it can work to determine their potential fit within the company.

To finish: call to action

Although simple, this step can sometimes be overlooked. If the application process is clear, with where and how to apply clearly outlined, this will prevent unwanted phone calls, emails and potential office walk-ins. Similarly, it removes any confusion, and lowers the chances of missing an ideal candidate’s application due to admin errors.

How can Black Wolf help?

Black Wolf Group has an expert team of recruiters that bring extensive experience to the table to provide the best outcomes for any client. Black Wolf Group knows what marks need to be hit, in order to attract the right candidates for the right positions. Together, we can stay ahead of the pack.