How to use social media for recruitment

Social media recruitment is not a new trend but a commonly used talent acquisition tactic. Most employers use at least one social media platform; it makes sense to leverage these channels to attract candidates. 

In this blog, we will go through some of the benefits of social media recruitment. 

What is social media recruitment? 

Social recruiting is a method recruiters use to find candidates through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Besides just recruitment, social media is heavily used in employer branding. These channels help employers spread the word about their work culture and environment and employee value proposition. 

With the consistent increase of social media usage, social media recruitment has gained popularity among talent acquisition professionals. 

Benefits of social media recruitment 

Leveraging social media in recruitment has many benefits. Social media channels can be the primary source of new job candidates and high-quality job applicants for some employers. Social media hiring enables recruiters to expand their audience and reach more people. 

Some other benefits of social recruiting include:
• Reaching passive job seekers
• Reduces time and cost per hire
Better employer brand awareness
Increases job visibility
Open the door to engagement
Screen your candidates.

All in all, recruitment is all about sourcing the right talent and having more options is better for employers and job seekers. Social media recruitment is about creating and reaching a passive audience, a ready-made pool of potential talent.