How to successfully build connections and grow your network.

If you have been following my posts, you may know I recently had the privilege of connecting with a room full of business owners and professionals as a panellist at the Future Females Gold Coast event at Ferrari.

It felt amazing to be able to share my insights into entrepreneurship with such an incredible audience. For those who missed out, I have put together a summary of my top tips below.

In my opinion, an excellent place to start when starting a business or scaling up is reading E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber. This book (which I revisit once a year) focuses on dispelling myths about starting your own business and provides insights, established from years of experience, about what can get in the way of running a successful business.

Having dedicated my career to recruitment and building Black Wolf Group from the ground up alongside my husband Pete, together we bring vast experience in networking to the table.

Fortunately for me and our business, I am curious by nature – so I have built my life around talking to and getting to know people.

When we first started Black Wolf Group, our network was relatively small, so we knew we had to get out there and start building connections. A good majority of opportunities came from (and still do) simply having a chat – with no agenda. Something we have witnessed great success from.

So, if you’re at the beginning of your networking journey or want to brush up on your tactics, check out my top 10 tips below:

1. Don’t sit at home. Get out there! (Covid-permitting).
2. Invest your time wisely by attending relevant networking events.
3. Bring your team along with you and involve them. Your staff are your greatest asset in
4. Don’t over-commit. Spend your time wisely and set achievable goals.
5. Rehearse and refine your elevator pitch.
6. Be confident in what you uniquely know, do and offer.
7. Don’t forget names. If you’re introducing people to one another, remember their
names, what they do, and something they enjoy outside of work.
8. At events, remember who you spoke to and follow them up. Send an email or a
personalised connection request on LinkedIn.
9. At the end of the day, people value connection and conversation. Reach out and
simply invite them for a coffee.
10. Don’t be afraid to seek help from those in your network – know that there is strength

in vulnerability.

In addition to the above, I can’t stress enough the importance of authenticity.

Authenticity is crucial in successful networking, as well as in any area of business. People are drawn to sincerity and consistency and can feel when someone is not authentic.

This also applies to social media. Your image and brand online should be the same as it is offline. When someone who follows you online first meets you, they should feel like they already know you.

Networking is something you get better at only by doing, so don’t procrastinate. Get out there and get talking! Learn as you go and be true to yourself. That is how you form sincere connections and build a strong network of like-minded people.

Some footage of the event: