Healthcare industry job boom

Insights from the National Skills Commission indicate that the healthcare industry accounts for the most significant growth in jobs throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. As the second-largest sector by employment in Australia, the healthcare sector comprises more than one million workers nationally. Five-year employment projections from 2020 show that health care and social assistance will continue to lead employment growth, with more than 249,500 people expected to join the workforce by 2025.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to change healthcare

A silver lining of the Covid-19 pandemic is that it has created new opportunities to reconstruct our health care system. The past two years have allowed us to reflect on the activities we have been forced to miss out on, some of which we will not see a return as new and improved systems have now taken their place. As the industry adapts and becomes more innovative, digital technology continues to help people stay connected with their health, and virtual healthcare has become far more prevalent. We can expect telehealth appointments to stick around and digital tools such as wearable monitoring devices are becoming more widely used as a point of care from home.

Above all, our response to the pandemic has highlighted the essential role of healthcare workers in protecting each and every individual all year round. Previously overlooked shortcomings within the industry have now come under the spotlight. This includes a highly-casualised workforce, especially in the aged care sector, and insufficient focus on training and funding for many health care groups. As we continue to recognise these issues in line with the lessons learnt from the pandemic, we can expect a greater focus on clarity of roles, improved communication, and greater access to education and training to drive a safer and more resilient workforce in the future.

Largest employing occupations within the health care and social assistance industry throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

Compared to pre-Covid-19 employment levels, the growth rate in job advertisements increased by 51.5%. According to the National Skills Commission, these are the eight largest employing occupations and the total number of persons comprising each group within the health care and social assistance industry.

  • Registered Nurses (16.2% or 286,000)
  • Aged and Disabled Carers (11.9% or 210,200)
  • Receptionists (5.3% or 93,100)
  • Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers (4.9% or 86,200)
  • Child Carers (4.9% or 85,600)
  • General Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers (3.8% or 66,500)
  • Welfare Support Workers (2.2% or 39,300) 
  • General Clerks (1.9% or 33,800)

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