About our pack

The Black Wolf Team are a close-knit group of individuals, who each bring a different aspect to our company. We pride ourselves on a strong supportive culture, strong individual work ethics, with a commitment to provide the best service to our candidates and clients alike. We operate on the premise that nothing is too much effort, therefore we are able to provide the absolute best service Australia wide.

Why Black Wolf?

Black Wolf Group (BWG) is a boutique recruitment agency established in 2014, by Peter and Tanya who have over twenty years of combined experience in Recruitment and Consulting. With a team of experienced recruiters and support crew, BWG has proven success across all industries, consulting to all sizes of companies and placing candidates from Blue, White and Grey collar positions to Graduate to the Executive level, including C-Suite. With our Head Office based on the Gold Coast and offices based in major cities throughout Australia, BWG’s capability and network not only extends Nationally but also Internationally. From our extensive experience, we know that our customers are looking for delivery partners who provide professional, quality, cost-efficient and safe solutions. We pride ourselves on our thorough process combined with an authentic and genuine approach and believe these attributes are key to any successful relationship.

Our story

Tanya and Peter met when they were both working for the same company and felt the same way: “That they could do it better.” This mutual agreement triggered the natural growth of these two entrepreneurs into action, resulting in the formation of a corporation that valued the process of accomplishment.

When running a business with people, there must always be an element of trust. However, having a business with your partner has its benefits since we always have each other’s back.

The objective of Black Wolf Group is to build honest relationships with clients and to understand what motivates them in their careers and businesses. We want to know the story behind your progression and recognise that each person has unique demands.

Want to join the pack?

Want to learn more about our recruitment and consulting specialties, drop us your contact details and we will be in touch.